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AWESOME! That was what my kids (12yr old twins) said when we got home from our Boulder Area Bicycle Adventures Tour.”

- Julie, Colorado
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How long are the tours? The tours average in length from 2 hours up to 7-8 hours, depending on the tour booked. 

How early should our group show up for a tour? It is ideal that you and your group show up at the bike shop no less than 20-30 minutes before departure time.

Do I need to be really physically fit to do a tour? Heck no! Most, but not all, tours are rated as “EASY”.  Some have a few hills, and are rated as “MODERATE to DIFFICULT in places”, and some of our off-road or longer tours are rated as “DIFFICULT”.  It really depends on your fitness level to determine what you might consider to be moderate to difficult or just plain difficult.  We’ll advise you on the specifics of the ride and quiz you a little on your fitness/coordination level to make sure you pick the best tour to suit your skill and fitness level.

What about the safety level of a tour/ride? Every tour is led by an experienced guide whose ultimate focus is to be sure every rider on the tour is comfortable, safe, and enjoying themselves beyond their expectations.  Our guides are CPR and First Aid Certified and BABA is insured.  We focus our routes on being safe and as car-free as a particular tour’s route can allow.  Your safety and enjoyment come first.

What should I wear on a tour? We recommend you wear somewhat loose, not-too-bulky clothing & fairly hard-soled shoes (soft, loose-fitting sandals/clogs not recommended).  Depending on the month of the season, what you wear is fairly important.  Boulder tends to be very cool, sunny, and dry most months out of the year.  However, occasionally, it can get pretty hot (90 degrees) and many times NO clouds in the sky, which means a hot ride.  However, we aim to start most of our longer rides earlier in the day or late afternoon/dusk.  It is advisable to bring extra water and possibly an electrolyte-enriched beverage.  A visor for the helmet is also useful.  Sunglasses are strongly recommended.  Wearing light or white colors on your upper body is encouraged on hotter days.  If it gets a bit too hot for ya, there’s the option of taking a nice, refreshing dip in the Boulder Creek, which is part of many of our tours.  For late afternoon or evening rides, a light-weight jacket/rain jacket is recommended.

Do I need to bring my own helmet? If you are a cyclist and have planned to take a BABA bike tour and happen to be partial to your own helmet, by all means, bring it with you.  However, helmets are included in the rentals. Helmets are STRONGLY encouraged, and are required for those under the age of 18 years.

Do you provide bikes? We have joined forces with 3 different bike shops in Boulder who have rental fleets that offer many bike sizes, styles, (and colors, if that is important to you) J

Is there a discount if I bring my OWN bike? YES.  If you bring your own bike, we offer a discount of $5 for the short tours, and $10 for tours over 5-6 hours in length.

How many people are on a tour? Typically our tours range in size from 4 to 20 participants, with an average of about 6-10.  We can accommodate up to 20-25 riders safely.  We’ll typically have extra guides for groups that size.

Is there a minimum number of participants required to book a tour?  What if I am going it solo? We require a minimum of 2 people for a tour to go on.  If you are a solo tourist, we’d be happy to match you to a tour with a group already scheduled for no additional charge.  If you’d like a private tour, we are happy to offer that to you for an additional fee.  Just think: You’d be the center of attention and we would be happy to go anywhere you would like within the pre-determined timeframe of the tour.

Are children allowed to take a tour? What is the minimum age? Yes, children are welcome.  We have a minimum age requirement of 10 years old, but may consider as young as 8 years old when riding in a trailer or on a trail-a-bike.  We do prefer children aged 10 years and older and we offer child’s bike sizes, or they can travel on a trail-a-bike or a trailer behind their parent/guardian.  We cannot accept children less than 8 years old, including infant to toddler- aged children.

Are there any special bikes or trailers available for children on the tour? Sure are.  Our bike shops offer kid’s sized bikes, trail-a-bikes, trailers, and tandems.

Are the tours rain or shine? If a bike tour begins with good weather (not raining or snowing. And yes, it can snow here in the spring/summer months!), we will proceed with the tour as planned.  If it begins to rain after the ride is underway, but the rain is mild (light shower), we may continue, or take a vote on whether to return or not.  If it becomes heavy rain, we will abort the ride and take the shortest route back to the shop/starting point.  Depending on how far into the ride we had gone will determine if a refund is in order.  We do offer “rain-checks” which can be used within one year of the date of the event for a future tour.  We suggest you bring a rain jacket.

What about bathroom “pit stops”? There aren’t specifically designated bathroom stops, although we may find some options along the way (Porta-John for example).  You know what Mom used to tell you before loading up for a car trip………………  Same advice applies here.

Do we need to bring our own snacks & beverages? Unless you are on a particular tour that will include a catered lunch, BABA will not supply any food or beverages.  We will offer bike bottles to fill up with water at the start of the ride.

How far in advance must a tour be booked? Due to several factors relating to our association with other Boulder businesses and their advance reservation policies, we decided it best to ask for a 72-hour (3 day) advance reservation/confirmation.  Please refer to our terms and conditions for additional details.

What is your cancellation policy? Our cancellation policy requires a 72-hour (3 day) advance notice in order to receive a full refund.  There are NO refunds if the cancellation occurs within fewer than 72 hours.  Please refer to our terms and conditions for additional details.

Do I need to sign a waiver/release of liability before starting the ride? Unfortunately, we’re living in an age of lawsuits.  In order for BABA to stay a running business, we must require that you complete our waiver.  You will also be required to complete one for the bike rental as well, since it is a separate business with its own policies.

Am I liable if my rental bike is lost, stolen, or damaged while I’m using it? Boulder Area Bicycle Adventures utilizes several bike shops in Boulder.  You will be required to complete their release of liability and waiver, and will be responsible for any loss or damage to the bicycle within the parameters/rules of what the bike shop stipulates.

What is your policy on tipping the guide(s)? We have no set mandate for this.  This concept exists for obvious reasons.  Our guides aren’t “getting rich” leading these tours.  They simply love and are passionate about riding bikes and showing off Boulder.  They really care about you having a good time and a positively memorable experience.  So, with that in mind, tips are strongly encouraged, but not “expected”.  Typically, the gratuity range is similar to that in other food service and hospitality environments, ie, somewhere between 10 to 20% (or more if the tour exceeded your expectations on every level ).  We are very grateful for anything offered.  Thank you for asking.

What if I/my party want to rent bikes and do our own self-guided tour? Great idea.  There are several maps available from the bike shops and through other local resources to allow you to create your own route/tour to your heart’s content.  We will also have maps of the bike routes & paths to give you in order to make your journey of Boulder a safe and memorable experience.  We want you to grow to love Boulder as much as we do!

Are there any special discounts offered? We offer a 10% discount to whole groups of 15 or more, to Denver/Boulder area residents (within a 50-mile radius), to those who are part of the travel & leisure industry, and of course, discounts to seniors (over 60 years).  We will also be offering specials here ‘n there, so keep an eye out for those offerings on our calendar page.

What is included in a tour? As stated above, a properly fitting bicycle and helmet are included and a lock if you want it.  In addition, before each ride begins, your guide will explain about safe riding including common hand-signals and riding etiquette, basic riding position and techniques, and an overview of the ride and what to expect.

Where do you recommend we stay (accommodations) in Boulder to easily access a bike tour?  Would there be a shuttle service? Boulder and Boulder County have some lovely hotels, motels, Inns and B & B’s.  We have a list of many under “Links” on our web site. Many of them do offer a shuttle to your destination within a short distance.  The starting point of the majority of our tours is centrally located, and actually within walking distance from two major hotels.  Another option would be to take a very reasonably priced short taxi ride.

On your night-time tours, are lights required?  Who provides the lighting? Yes, proper lighting is required for any rides that go past dusk.  There is potential for a citation without it and BABA requires all evening (dusk or dark) tours to have adequate lighting.  The bike shops provide lighting options when you rent your bikes.

For the tours that include shopping options, how will our souvenirs be transported? Can you say “backpack”?  On one of our tours (the Pearl Street Mall Tour) we will have a bike trailer behind the guide’s bike, to allow for transport of some items.  There are definitely space limitations.  That is why it is encouraged to go to that destination on a separate occasion as part of your visit to Boulder so you can shop to your heart’s content and come away with the whole kit and caboodle!

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